You know, for a couple brief months in late 2008 people actually "got it". Gas prices climbed to over $4.00 per gallon in the U.S.A. and people were screaming for a change. Our phone rang off the hook.

But, then the world economies crashed (mostly because of gas prices) and the oil companies reduced their prices... They had to afterall, people were broke! So people became "blind sheep" again.

Auto companies worldwide are still producing more than 40 million new gas cars each year. THERE WILL BE 400 MILLION MORE GAS CARS ON THE ROADS WORLDWIDE IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS!

Do the math. The world is heading toward higher gas prices and more severe recessions. It's going to get bad. In 1998 I predicted $4 gas in the USA by 2010. It happened in 2008. Now, I predict the world will see $5 to $7 gas by 2020.

There have been no discoveries of major oil reserves since the 1970's and even though oil companies are better at extracting oil THE SUPPLY WILL NEVER KEEP UP WITH THE GROWING WORLDWIDE DEMAND.

In many respects it's too late for the world to get off gas and go electric. As oil supplies become more strained there will be not only higher gas prices... but more conflicts over supply, gas shortages, demand-side oil spikes, higher unemployment, more failing businesses, higher grocery prices, higher prices for everything!.

Approximately 1 person in 10,000 will look for a true alternative. Out of that only a small percentage will actually do something to get off oil.

We wish the auto companies would show more of a commitment to electric vehicle technologies but the auto companies know the public still doesn't see the benefits. Currently, all major auto companies intend to produce EV's but only on a small scale... Most are still years away.

This website is about a heck of a lot more than just "green cars"... Our only hope in the future will be the complete phase out of gas burning vehicles. Since 1996 we've been educating and influencing the world to think 'volts not oil:". Browse through our public tour pages, our new "ahead of its time" online showroom and join our website if you want to view our members section full of years of information and hundreds of EV's that changed the world.

Bruce Gast
Founder Bruce Gast