Message from Bruce Gast
- owner

July 2020

ElectricCars,com with it's limited resources has won the battle to convince the oil addicted public to think ahead. When we started in the 90's electric cars were a "someday technology" and people laughed at us. Today, every major auto manufacturer who intends on surviving is developing electric cars and the public is ready to eliminate oil expenditures completely.

It's time for a larger entity to take over and reach millions of EV buyers worldwide. and the trademark "Electric Cars" are available for aquisition.




The United States will recover and bring back green technologies. The "Darkness" is over

Holy #!@#... Invest in oil, weapons and coffin manufacturing.



When we posted our many warnings for the public on social media, including THE GM ELECTRIC CAR GROUP, ELECTRIC CAR OWNERS GROUPS, ELECTRIC CAR CLUBS GROUPS, GREEN CAR REPORTS, GOVERNMENT GROUPS, etc etc we were met with scathing negative responses. "You're delusional". We predicted Donald Trump, if he won (If the country was insane and racist enough) the first actions he would take would be to destroy the shallow progress our Green Technology industries have made.

In the first 100 days of his reign our predictions became truth.

Trump hired morons to destroy the EPA, and HIRED THE CEO OF EXXON/MOBILE OIL FOR SECRETARY OF DESTRUCTION. He made good on his threats to end pollution controls, and the slowing of Global "Harming"... He's an idiot. My favorite Trump quote "I don't see why they got rid of aerosol sprays? I mean I spray my hair... in MY apartment... How does that harm the ecology???"

Then, evidence was found by our CIA and FBI Trump conspired with Vladimir Putin, Russia to win the Presidency... So, basically. Putin, who's made BILLIONS off Rosnef Oil, who's home base is feet from the Kremlin CHOSE OUR PRESIDENT... why? Because the better Candidate... Hillary Clinton was going to continue sanctioning Russia's attempts to destroy our planet. There's HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND RUBLES worth of oil in these protected oceans... TRUMP, PUTIN, EXXON, ROSNEF and all the other oil companies want it... The public wants it.

Trump's eco-damaging ethics will indeed help the economy.

"America will be GREAT again!!!"

Then, just like cutting down the last Redwood tree would build a great fire the gluttonous effects of 1.5 million gas burning cars will take effect.. Our skies will be copper again,our seas floating soot... and the cancer wards will be full. And animals extinct.

oh, Trump did call in Elon Musk from Tesla to join his "round table of photo ops". Don't get me started on Tesla, read our news postings the past 10 years... Tesla blew their lead in the EV market, Tesla ignored our emails and phone calls FOR YEARS asking to evaluate their cars... EV makers chose to give George Cluney and Justin Ttimberlake to test their cars... that EXPLODED and BRICKED... (go figure!) ... While Tesla made $120,000 Billionaire cars China and Europe came out with cars people could afford... Tesla will be gone. (After a couple more hundreds of millions of investment dollars of course!)

Electric Cars Elon Musk Tesla Rooftop solar "invention"



The auto industry will continue to manufacture about 400 million more gas cars worldwide over the next decade and that will steamroll us all toward massive worldwide oil induced economic failure! The phase in of electrics will be more vital as the overpowering demand for oil reaches crisis levels. It's coming!

This website has and will be the center of the phase out of gas burning cars completely. We had recently begun to shift our direction from what was "making people think about electric cars" to "helping people find electric cars to purchase". But, we're not a car dealer, and we've not had the resources to do what should be done... mainstream marketing.

The major auto company that takes over this website will have the funds and resources to properly promote electric cars and has channels of distribution far beyond our scope. This corporation will have butts in the chairs in the White House... working with the support of future Presidents who hopefully will not be oil backed short sighted thinkers. And, most important will have connections and influence to kiss the butts of the major search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing who scuttled our website to page 20 when the other companies were writing them checks (and giving them free cars?)... Whoever buys will be on the front of this worldwide revolution. Like I was in 1996.

The world is now phasing in electric cars. It's time to see this website go to the next level. An electric car in every garage. Solar on the roof, then PV paint on the car. That's right, we promoted that "self-fulfilling prophecy" right here.... people laughed... it's coming. It would have been here... if...



Before you flash off an offer to me like HUNDREDS of people have done over the years... Let me fill you in on some facts:

Since 1996 we've had literally hundreds of what I call "wishful thinking offers". . My favorite story to tell is about one week in December 2011 when we received two offers. One was for $200,000 Not bad for in the middle of the worst recession but still a joke, (that's about how much a major auto company spends on martini lunches and toilet paper). Turns out this company was a small startup run by wishful thinkers. The other offer that same week was for $50, yes fifty bucks haha! I've heard everything... but that was THE ALL TIME LAMEST OFFER EVER. It's funny the moron who offered the massive $50 told me quote "I was very disappointed that i did not get your domain for my 50 dollar bid which i thought was overly generous after the battery disater with the gm volt." (referring to a glitch GM had in the batteries that was overcome in days, like all glitches will be solved) I promptly offered this idiot $50 for his Wife.



In the past few years several serious offers have come in. The highest offer we've received from a USA company was in 2009 for $225,000. And they were kind of acting like they were doing us a favor. They didn't know I had just turned down an offer from an Opec entiity... I paraphrase this representative from an oil producing country "I have been instructed to develop business with U.S. EV manufacturers. Our investment would be to partner with, make an investment or purchase your company. Our investment amount to several millions of U.S. dollars" .

The USA companies "toilet paper offer" was just another indication of the lack of commitment going on in U.S. board roomsat the time. And the level of interest Opec will have in monopolizing the electric car industry as they lose more and more oil revenues.

The offer from Opec was very very tempting... I could have retired in luxury... but, after some real soul seaching. It felt that if I had sold to a middle eastern company I was "selling out to the enemy". Like when GM sold Stanford Oshinky's lithium technology to the oil monopolies in 2003. Like all those stories about the 100 MPG motor that was bought and buried in a file somewhere? Like the rumors of a 1,000 mile per charge battery that is "somewhere out there"...

And our email was saturated with offers from companies around the world who were coming out with EV's and people who wanted to buy electric cars...




About the time the big winners in the U.S. Stimulus got their HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS $$$ we noticed we were being asked to pay the searchers... "or else"...
soon we're bounced from the 2-3rd listings to PAGE 5-10 BEHIND EV COMPANIES THAT WENT OUT OF BUSINESS YEARS AGO!!!
The companies that did sell stock investments and recieved HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS in U.S. Stimulus funds

big shock... they're #1









There are a couple terms: The buyer will agree to legally bind these terms to future trades and buyouts, these terms shall be transfrerred to all future owners for a period of 20 years after this sale.

1. I will have a "trademark umbrella" that will protect my other domains from trademark woes and takeovers. For instance when I display the words "electric cars" on I don't want some greedy owner of this domain using their trademark power to squash. This will be transferrable to any buyer of any of my EC domains.

2. I will have a binding grandfathered agreement to be paid a 5 percent of any and all "future sell ups" if/when the buyer, and future buyers sell to larger companies. Because I know this website will sell like Facebook for $500 MILLION someday when electric cars dominate the roads and car sales. The company who buys this will be committed to EV's and in the coming years this website will become more valuable. I sure don't want to hear on the news it sold for 100 times what I got for it. Like the guy who sold in the 90's for $50,000... that guy didn't invision what this www was going to be... what an idiot !!!

3. I will have due credit publicly displayed on the website for being the original developer and architect of way before the "EV world" even existed. Sorry, I've read my words in history books, and seen my concepts taken to the market with little and no credit... I'm not too proud to ask for credit before some rich brat buys his way in?, AGAIN!

4. There will be an monetary aquisition amount for this buyout. This figure will BE BASED ON WHAT THIS WEBSITE AND TRADEMARK WILL BE WORTH AFTER THE WORLD SURVIVES THIS LAST OIL ADDICTED TIME PERIOD. I have no need to sell this for pennies and listen to "bottom fishers" telingl me how F**CKED electric vehicles are today. Duh! The industry will tank under Trump. But, if you're still reading my scribble here you know what we've got. You want it, Your company will prosper... I just have done my 20. Do yours. When I started EV's were drawings in magazines... You acquire things BEFORE the masses.

5. A cash deposit of 10% of the aquisition amount will be required when I accept an offer, and the buyer will pay all administrative and legal costs of acquisition. If the buyer wants and escrow they will arrange it with a reputable service and pay it. All costs of this deal are on the buyer. When I am sure funds and terms are met I will initiate transfers of ownership.




How much do I want for this website? Well let me tell you I've been asked that so many times it finally dawned on me. The key question is not "how much do I want?" it's "who am I talking to?". Some bottom fishing startup will offer me squat and then argue with me and put the website down. Been there, done that. hundreds of times! Save that BS for flea markets losers.

(Hello, we work in the auto industry... Negotiation 101 "Used car salesmen mentality" - bat down the value of what you know is valuable - purchase technique of the lame.)


But let's talk about some of the dot com and corporate investments we've seen lately...

Facebook, Myspace $500,000,000... then even more ridicules Facebook buying Instagram... $1,000,000,000... really? do you know how many image transfer technologies and social media websites there will be in 20 years... this was a joke. acquired for $5,000,000,000... really?... years from now every website will be streaming video, and there will be 100 technologies...

Paypal $500,000,000... what a joke. eBay definately had too much of their stockholders cash on hand...
For those of you who don't know eBay was an auction site that streamed money for a while... Now they slam spam and beg people to fall for their "dinosaur" sales system.

Warren Buffet investing $22,000,000,000 in ketsup??? Really??? He invested 10 cents in his electric car company and this much in a condiment? You're drinking too much cherry coke Warren! You could have changed the world... even a couple billion would bring 500-1000 mile per charge electric cars to market... and everyone could prosper as oil prices would not be killing consumer prices for everything... instead, well, we'll all have better hot dogs? What Mr. Buffet doesn't realize is as gas prices continue to kill the consumers spending they won't be able to buy luxuries like condiments...

May 18, 2013 sells to facebook for $1.2 Billion - are you f**king kidding me!! now I know we are in a the matrix... OMFG who the f**k makes these corporate decisions??? Oh that's right... usually Stanford geniuses and old money offspring..

and my favorite... Yahoo paying a 16 year old $30,000,000 for a news streaming ap... what the !@#%... really?


I don't expect a ridicules amount for this buyout like these examples but this shows how the people at the top are thinking...

Don't agree with me???... fine I'll bring it down to low ball terms... was sold for 2-3 mil, developed and flipped for 130 mil in just few years time... credit cards? no where near the scope of this transformation from fossil fuel burning cars we will see over the next 20-100 years... Nobody is going to look back and try to remember what gas powered credit cards were.


So, how would I value the website that will be the center of the phase in of EV power and the removal of this self-serving, self-righteous oil industry of greed that has been literally killing people... the PHASE OUT of millions of gas burning engines in the GROWING millions of polluting cars on the planet? The website that literally is the "key phrase" for what will be the largest market shift in consumer purchasing in history??? hmmm.... well, I will tell you I am realistic. I don't care or expect to be mentioned on the nightly news when this sells but I ain't no fool either...

I know this is all about having the right person(s), representing the right auto company or some other business entity, country, or congolmerate that wants to be the leader in the biggest TECHNOLOGY PHASE IN in history.

If you are the right person the number will fall into place.




*** OFFERS - So far the offers have been as expected but I do want to mention it really seems true foreign countries want this website more than the U.S.A. fat cats... Come on guys... Really, you're going to pass on this and let another country own the world's greatest revolutionary change in auto history website??? Becuase the offers are getting close... time to speak up... Stanford Grads, Wall Street, Detroit.. APPLE!!!???. is going to be the center of a massive 5 decade long transition from gas burning cars to electric. It's inevitable, and you know it. The world has some pretty good electric cars coming. If you are a major auto company and thinking "forward" now... And, I will venture to guess the people who realize the worth here are like me... they make moves "before the heard"... the heard is coming... when Toyota, Ford, GM, Honda, etc etc etc are selling "Electric Cars" these will be the words the world types into URLs... and the trademark is the power... to deal with any competition on the web.


Bruce Gast



See the movies "Who killed the electric car" and "revenge of the electric car" (even though it's a blatant infomercial)
ps. chris p, really those were the 4 pioneers of the ev industry? hmm Chris must have wanted to golf too?

Also, see What is the Electric Car? the movie I'm in ...
nobody saw it because network TV didn't want to piss of their oil sugar-daddies...







TYFS... "Told you f'ing So!"

Look everybody!!! They're making the next RECESSION in the USA... hip hip Trumpay hip hip Trumpay!!!

Musk playing games with people's stock investments... laughing all the way to the bank