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Disclaimer & Advertising Terms

Updated: Apr 7,2008 Viewed: 05/19/24

Individual, visitor or customer is hereby regarded as the "Person(s) and/or Participant(s)"

Participant(s) hereby represents him/herself as a legal adult, eligible to transact business relationships within his/her location via the internet and other forms of communication.

ElectricCars.com, it's agents, employees, associated advertisers and associates are hereby regarded as "ElectricCars.com"

Dealers, Manufacturers, Sales Persons, Representatives and all Persons related to formentioned are hereby regarded as "Dealers and / or Manufacturers"

Advertising fee entitles Participant(s) to display information related to Participant's property, service or related business. Participant(s) is solely responsible to provide proper and legally eligible photos and information and to confirm posting of accurate information and related files. Photographs, text and video clips featured on this website are COPYRIGHTED and PROTECTED by International Copyright laws. All rights reserved. No duplication allowed. All materials, photographs, files, etc. are not to be used for any commercial use or displayed in public without written and endorsed authorization from the owners of this website and the Participant(s) directly involved. Advertisements and photos are reviewed and must meet our standards and formats. ElectricCars.com reserves the right to refuse service to any advertiser.

Advertising announcements are sent by email to the email address given by Participant(s) at time of application. A no refund policy is applicable once the Advertising application is sent. Membership is valid for a period of no more than 36 months commencing on the date payment of membership fees are credited to ElectricCars.com.

ElectricCars.com is not responsible for any outcome of business transactions, money transactions, email or results of viewing any content supplied to or from the ElectricCars.com website or for the actions and outcome of responding participating Dealers and/or Person(s). ElectricCars.com HIGHLY RECOMENDS Participant(s) to obtain referals and binding agreements when doing business with any participating Dealers and / or Person(s).

ElectricCars.com will represent the best interests within reason of all Dealers, Manufacturers and Person(s) regarding researching, purchasing and operating vehicles found on, or linked from the ElectricCars.com website. ElectricCars.com is not a Dealer, but acts as a "middleman" for sales transactions and is legally defined as a "sales entity" of participating Dealers, Manufacturers and other industry realted businesses. All sales fees, finders fees, advertising charges and commissions are deemed legal under U.S. and state law. All sales are deemed sold "as is" and are final.

PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE!. ElectricCars.com STRONGLY discourages anyone from sending money to any participating dealer, agent or representative without thorough investigations of credentials, at least 5 bonifide referals, business license and personal information of business owners. We suggest not doing business via the web without face-to-face meetings.

ElectricCars.com prides itself on protecting the public from scams but WE ARE NOT THE POLICE. ElectricCars.com cannot and does not claim to have business relationships with all the Dealers, Agents and representatives listed on our website. However, We will provide any information deemed pertinent to legal authorities should action be required. In the event of a legal situation between a Visitor and Dealers, Agents and representatives ElectricCars.com will act as a mediator and will disqualify any party doing business dishonestly.

Deposits, Payments & Materials shall be sent directly ro the address provided here (to be confirmed by ElectricCars.com administrative representatives) ElectricCars.com and/or ARCIVE.com (ElectricCars.com parent Company) - " ElectricCars.com Ad Dept RE: New Advertisement ,5355 Cachet Court , Carson City NV 89706 " Participants are HIGHLY RECOMENDED to confirm the identities of all parties before conducting business on the internet. Should you find another person portraying themselves as a representative or associate of ElectricCars.com please notify us immediately!

ElectricCars.com reserves the right to expand map listings, change and redesign website to accomodate growth and expansion of client base. Additional maps and links may be required to better direct viewers to paid advertisers and future features of the ElectricCars.com website.

Participant(s) must notify ElectricCars.com management prior to any change relevant to advertising information. Participant(s) are required to follow the terms of the " Advertising Terms" located in the info area of the website.

Participant(s) may use the ElectricCars.com web address to direct customers to this website. However, Participant(s) are not given permission to use any logo or related file of the ElectricCars.com website as endorsement or represent themselves as employees or as being endorsed by ElectricCars.com.

Participant(s) are not permitted to contact other Participant(s) for any commercial purposes. This agreement is not transferable to any other person(s). Participant(s) are not permitted to give access to webpage directly or indirectly to any other person(s). Participant(s) are held accountable and responsible to pay access and legal fees should Participant(s) give his/her access code to ANY other person(s) either directly or indirectly. (access codes are not required for most advertising situations)

A clearance period of up to 40 days may be required in order to administer credit card payments. We reserve the right to refuse membership and access to any person for justifiable reasons without refund. ElectricCars.com may charge Participant(s) any additional costs required to collect fees. An annual interest charge of 18% will be applied to all unpaid balances.

Membership terms may change and will be posted within the Participant(s) Areas of the Website.



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