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We are currently looking for established auto dealers who want to begin selling electric vehicles.

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Our name says it all... Our website is the center of the electric vehicle world. Since 1996 we've gotten many millions of visitors but most important, we receive inquiries from serious buyers every day, In fact the only "problem" we've ever experienced selling electric cars was that in the early days we had no cars to sell.

We are offering a franchise relationship in regions throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Europe to established companies with solid backgrounds in advertising and marketing. Companies will gain the backbone and track record of one of the first entities in the worldwide web, and will provide sales and service under the ElectricCars.com trademark and company name.


Current & Expanding Product Lines

Currently we have over 20 cars available in our online showroom. This is obviously the first phase of our plans. For the past 14 years we've been tracking, obtaining and communicating with auto manufacturers worldwide and several new lines are close to release. It is impossible to accurately estimate how many electric vehicles we will be selling in 10 years but it's safe to say our line will be extensive and our market will expand exponentially.

In 2008 when gas prices spiked to a national average of $3.85 our phones were ringing off the hook. Gas prices will increase over time as gas cars production is still increasing and oil reserves are not expanding.

In 2009, in the world's worst economic recessions, deemed "the worst economy in 80 years"... Our sales inqueries doubled from the prior year! Unfortunately our product line was not ready for market. We're gearing up for massive sales as gas prices increase and we're ready this time.


Minimum Business Size, Status & Requirements

Our staff will review each dealer on an individual basis. Territories will be established by ElectricCars.com based on qualifications, business model, dealership size, etc.

NOTE: Dealer franchise agreements are conducted in accordance to your local broker laws. All transactions must meet acceptable license requirements. Not applicable in all areas. Your dealership must have a valid brokers license and an established business background.

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We also offer simple Independent Dealer Listings where your company operates on its own.

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