Electric Cars list



ABCs of AFVs: A Guide to Alternative Fuel Vehicles
The 4th Edition (in PDF format) from the California Energy Commission


All Electronics Corp.
"Buying and Selling New and Surplus Electronics Parts and Supplies"


Alternative Fuels Data Center at DOE
"The AFDC collects operating information from vehicles (in programs sponsored by the Alternative Motor Fuels Act ) running on alternative fuels, analyzes those data, and makes them available to the public."


Alternative Fuel and Electric Vehicles
Extensive list of links at the California Energy Commission


The Amazing Metal Sponge: Simulations of Palladium-Hydride
"A new approach to modeling the chemical potential of metal hydrides is for the first time making it possible to compare simulations to observed data."


American Hydrogen Association
"The American Hydrogen Association (AHA) is a non-profit association of individuals and institutions, technical and non-technical, who are dedicated to the promotion of inexpensive, clean and safe hydrogen energy systems."


Annual Reviews
"The mission of Annual Reviews Inc. is to provide systematic, periodic examinations of scholarly advances in a number of fields of science through critical authoritative reviews."


Applied Electrochemistry at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology
"The research in Applied Electrochemistry is directed towards power sources, electrolytic processes, experimental- and environmental- techniques."


Argonne National Laboratory - Transportation Technology R&D; Center
"As part of our mission as a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research facility, Argonne National Laboratory is developing technologies that will help make advanced vehicles a reality. Our Transportation Technology R&D; Center brings together scientists and engineers from many disciplines to find cost-effective solutions to the problems of transporting people and goods from one place to another -- issues like vehicle emissions and energy supply."


ARPA Electric and Hybrid Vehicle National Data Center
"The National Data Center (NDC) provides information to coalition members of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) initiative for the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Program, which includes collecting, archiving, processing, analyzing, and distributing electrical vehicle (EV) data obtained by all ARPA coalitions nationwide."


ARPA Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Program
"The ARPA Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Program is pursuing research, development, and demonstrations of technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles that address military missions, modernization, and cost mitigation."


ASM International: The Materials Information Society
Links to materials science and engineering sites


Automotive LPG Fuel
LPG information and lists of other sources


Batteries and Fuel Cells for Electric Vehicles
Document abstracts at Argonne National Laboratory


BCRI's Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels
"The Centre's staff maintain a database of technical papers to support the technical and business community in this rapidly moving technological area."


Biofuels Information Network
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fuels Development. "The OFD funds research and analyses on liquid and gaseous fuels produced from dedicated energy crops such as grasses and fast-growing short-rotation trees. The projects focus on the domestic production, recovery, and conversion of these feedstocks to economically priced, environmentally beneficial fuels such as ethanol, methanol and biodiesel."


Bombardier's Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
"The first generation of electric vehicles to make short errands cleaner, quieter, and more fun..."


Brusa Electronik
Swiss EV component manufacturer


Business Wire
Business Wire headline news


California Air Resources Board
"To promote and protect public health, welfare, and ecological resources through the effective and efficient reduction of air pollutants while recognizing and considering the effects on the economy of the state."


California Energy Commission
Alternative Fuel Vehicles - Newsletters, Reports, Papers and Speeches


U.C. Berkeley Solar Vehicle Project


Advanced Transportation Information Interchange


CALSTART's California Refuel/Recharge Map
"CALSTART has launched an invaluable new resource to support clean fuel vehicle use -- graphical maps locating electric vehicle charge and natural gas vehicle refuel sites within California."


Transportation news, updated daily


CALSTART Program Index
"CALSTART Program Summaries in this index cover a wide range of focus areas in the advanced transportation industry. Each program summary includes the program's objectives, manager, description, milestones and more."


Canadian Electric Vehicles Ltd.
Maintained by Randy Holmquist


Canadian Fuel Cell Home Page
Maintained by Doug Bryan at the University of Victoria


Carolinas Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuels Newsletter
Online publication at UNC-Charlotte


CE-CERT (UC Riverside)
The College of Engineering Center for Environmental Research and Technology at U.C. Riverside


City Bee by PIVCO
Scandinavian Electric Car of the year 1995


Clean Vehicles and Fuels for British Columbia
A policy paper by Hon. Moe Sihota, Minister of Environment, Lands and Parks


Cornell's Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team
"The CUHEV team consists of 50 undergraduate students and two faculty advisors. The students represent three class levels and represent the disciplines mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer science and operations research engineering. The vehicles are engineered and constructed by student hands and the group receives academic credit for the contributions to the cars."


CNG Motor Fuel Page
An extensive alternative fuels Web resource list


Cruising Equipment Company
"World Leading manufacturer of DC Power Instrumentation, Control Systems, and Alternator Regulators for a wide variety of applications including: Oceangoing Yachts, Alternative Energy Sites, Electric Vehicles, and Recreational Vehicles, Forklifts, Golf Carts, and Industrial Applications"


Curtis Instruments
"Curtis Instruments is the world's largest manufacturer of instruments and motor speed controllers for battery-powered vehicles and equipment."


Deep Cycle Battery FAQ
Maintained by Bill Darden


Deja News
Use Deja News to search Usenet for "electric vehicles"


Denver Electric Vehicle Council and Citizens for Clean Energy
"The goal of the DEVC is to offer 1) a forum for information exchange about electric vehicle concepts, designs and developments; 2) instructive informaiton and opinion to interested individuals and the public and 3) assistance in promotion of the development and use of electric vehicles in the Denver area."

The Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
Compiled by Diane Kovacs


DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center
"The AFDC collects operating information from vehicles (in programs sponsored by the Alternative Motor Fuels Act ) running on alternative fuels, analyzes those data, and makes them available to the public."


ECO Fuel Systems, Inc. of Langley, Canada
"ECO Fuel Systems is committed to meeting the challenges of the Automotive Alternative Fuel Industry by continuing to improve product quality and technology to ensure reliability and maintainability of conversion systems with highest priority on customer support."


Eco-Motion Electric Cars
Conversions, classifieds, and online EV resources


Edison EV Site
"...we are literally the bridge between electric vehicle owners, electrical utilities and the manufacturers of all types of electric vehicles."


Electrathon America
"Electrathon vehicles are single person, lightweight, aerodynamic, high efficiency, electric vehicles with three or four wheels of 16" diameter of larger. They must meet specific design and safety rules. They are powered by deep cycle lead acid battery packs not exceeding 64 pounds."


Electric Auto Association
"The EAA is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of electricity-powered automobiles."


Electric Auto Association - Silicon Valley Chapter
"Silicon Valley EAA is the original chapter of the Electric Auto Association, a national non-profit organization (501c3), formed in 1967 to promote the use of electric vehicles as a viable transportation alternative that is efficient, economical, ecological and available today."


ZAP Electric Bikes
"A leading manufacturer of electric motor powered bicycles, and power assist kits."


Electric Falcon at Bowling Green State University
"The Electric Falcon is a high powered electric race car that was designed and built by students at Bowling Green State University. The FALCON uses 26 Optima lead acid batteries operating at 312 volts to power a custom designed, oil cooled, invertor duty three-phase AC induction motor produced by Lincoln Electric and the University's College of Technology."


Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
At the University of Warwick


The Electric Kart Company
Manufacturer of electric go-carts


Electricore - The Mid America Electric Vehicle Consortium
"Through 'cooperative competition' Electricore is one of seven consortia in the United States working together to design, develop, build and test electric vehicles."


Electric Power Research Institute
"The mission of the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is to discover, develop, and deliver high value technological advances through networking and partnership with the electricity industry."


Electric Vehicle Association of the Americas
"EVAA is an international non-profit membership organization working to advance the commercialization of electric vehicles in the United States, Canada, and Latin America through comprehensive public information and market development programs. EVAA's members are major industry stakeholders, including electric utilities, vehicle and component manufacturers, research institutions, and the U.S. Department of Energy."


Electric Vehicles of America, Inc.
"Electric Vehicles of America, Inc. (EVA) is the leading supplier of Electric Vehicle components in the U.S."


Electric Vehicle Project of Bay Area Action
An MG Midget conversion, EVs in the news, and many links to other EV sites


Electric Vehicle Resources - Phoenix Chapter EAA and EcoElectric Corp.
Alphabetical and categorized links, and discussion group info


Electric Vehicles Available in Switzerland
Specifications and list/subsidized prices


Electric Vehicle/Solar Array Program at the University of South Florida
"The Electric Vehicle/Solar Energy Program at the College of Engineering at the University of South Florida was designed to be the first comprehensive electric vehicle solar powered charging station and test facility in the United States."


Electric Vehicles in Korea
Photos and some specifications


Electric Vehicles Northwest
"Electric Vehicles NW, Inc., sells full-sized EVs, components, and NEVs. Info on NEV NEWS, a bi-monthly newsletter dealing with NEVs can be found here, as well as used EV classifieds. EVsNW, Inc. is located in Seattle, WA."


ELECTRILITE Electric Commuter Vehicle
"ElectriLite Highlights: * Low-cost ( $3,000 ) * Lightweight ( 300 pounds ) * Fully Enclosed ( Polycarbonate front and rear windscreens ) * Easy to park ( 9 feet long, 2.75 meters ) * Easy to license ( qualifies as a motorcycle with 3 wheels ) * Hybrid ( pedal generator, and solar cells ) * Fast ( 4O mph max )* Non-Highway use * Safe ( crushable plastic nose, seat belts, roll cage ) * Crash resistant ( 25 mph frontal test ) * Long range ( 50 miles at 35 mph with batteries, 100+ miles with moderate pedaling and solar cells ) * Big payload ( two passengers plus groceries ) * Stable two-wheels-in-front design with wide tire track * Batteries ( gelled electrolyte, sealed lead-acid batteries )"


Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
Hosted by the Chemical Technology Division of Argonne National Laboratory


ElectroChem Inc.
"ElectroChem is a research and development company engaged in manufacturing and commercializing of the fuel cells. The company is a major supplier of-state-of-the-art fuel cell catalysts, proton exchange membranes, solid polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells, direct methanol fuel cells, phosphoric acid fuel cells, fuel cell stacks and power sources, gas humidifiers, and fuel cell test equipment."


Electronic Commerce in Virginia
A directory of links at the Hampton Roads Central Library


Electronic Engineering Times
"EE Times is the electronics industry's leading weekly newspaper for engineers and technical managers. Every Monday it publishes news, features and analysis covering the week's most compelling technology, business and industry stories. EE Times-interactive is drawn from the pages of Electronic Engineering Times, with additional material developed exclusively for the on-line community."


"Electrosource develops, manufactures, and markets advanced energy storage products to provide practical, high-performance solutions to meet the demands of an increasingly mobile, environmentally aware world."


Energy and Statistical Information on the Web (DOE)
|Other DOE Sites|DOE National Laboratories| Federal Government Energy|Local, State Governments, Universities & Academic| International Energy Statistics| Trade Associations|Other Energy Links| Other Federal Information and Statistics Sources|
Energy Companies |Coal and Other|Electricity| Foreign Integrated and State Oil| Natural Gas Tranmission, Distribution and Marketing|News Services| Oil and Gas Exploration and Production|Petroleum Refining, Marketing| U.S. Integrated Petroleum|


Energy Conversion Devices
Includes info on the rechargeable nickel metal hydride Ovonic batteries


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network
EREN's focus is the "development and deployment of sustainable energy technologies"


Energy Quest - Alternative Fuel Vehicles
A student's hypertext guide to alternative fuel vehicles


Energy Related Email Lists
From the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST)


Energy Resource Corporation
"Energy Research Corporation (ERC), headquartered in Danbury, Connecticut, is a leading developer of electrochemical power technologies. ERC is commercializing its fuel cells and batteries for various industrial and government customers. In recent years, the Company has been focusing on fuel cell power plants for use by electric utilities."


EREN Discussion Groups List
A directory of energy-related listservs and Usenet discussion groups


EROS Bicycle Electrification System
Manufactured by Omni Instruments


"A comprehensive news server for up-to-date research in science, medicine, and engineering. Whether you're interested in cancer treatments, gene mapping, global warming, or space probes, you will find the latest advances. News is posted daily on EurekAlert! by the world's major research providers - universities, corporations, non-profit organizations, and peer-reviewed scientific journals."


EV Contact List
Addresses and phone numbers from the California Energy Commission


EV Images on the Net
Maintained by Jeff Kester


EV Information Network
"Welcome to the exciting world of Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs have appeared throughout automotive history but have never experienced the wave of attention that they do today. Pollution, higher gas prices, an impending oil shortage, and major technology improvements have caused a flurry of activity to bring this promising technology to market. The links on the EV Information Network will guide you to the latest information on how you can join the EV bandwagon."


Ford Motor Company's Alternatives to Gas-powered Cars
Methanol, ethanol, electric, natural gas, and propane alternatives to gasoline-powered vehicles


Frazier-Nash Electric Vehicles
"CITY CAR -- Zero emission electric automobile for commuters and town driving. 4 wheel direct drive by 4 independent motors controlled by on board digital computer, which maximises efficiency providing better performance, extended range and lower running costs. Solar panels incorporated into vehicle body provides further fuel cost reduction. Other products include: Solar Baby - Mini Taxi & The Electric Kart"


Fuel Cells 2000
"Fuel Cells 2000 is an activity of the Breakthrough Technologies Institute. Fuel Cells 2000 provides information to policy makers and the public; supports the early utilization of fuel cells by such means as pilot projects and government purchases; conducts activities designed to foster education, training and as supportive; legal and regulatory environment for fuel cells and related technologies."


Genesis ZEV
Popular Mechanics article


Global Electric Auto Association
Membership information and a calendar of events


Global Light & Power
"International Supplier of Electric Vehicle and Solar Electric Systems, Components, and Educational Programs"


General Motors' EV1
Brief description at the Saturn site


Bill Gerosa's electric-powered, solar-charged bicycle
Includes specs and photos


Green Car Journal
"Green Car JournalTM is the world's leading industry newsletter in the environmental automobile field."


GreenCar Update
Hybrid vehicles displayed at the Frankfurt and Tokyo Motor Shows in the Fall of '95


The GreenWheels Electric Car Company
Electric conversions. Site includes images and the Electric Vehicle Resource List


Hawaii Electric Vehicle Demonstration Project
"The Hawaii Electric Vehicle Demonstration Project (HEVDP), is a consortium established initially through a Federal Grant from the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) to facilitate the development of electric vehicle technologies in the State for both commercial and military applications."


Hawker Energy Products Inc.
"Hawker Energy Products Inc. (HEPI), located in Warrensburg, Mo., U.S.A., is part of the Hawker Batteries Group, one of the world's largest industrial battery consortiums."


High Speed and Automated Transportation Technologies
At the University of Alabama - Huntsville. "The goal is to provide a world wide TECHNICAL information exchange related to the technologies associated with high speed and automated transportation. We plan to encompass past and current high speed rail technologies (including current and previous Mag-Lev efforts), automated vehicle/highways, and other technology related applications."


Home Power Magazine
"The Hands-On Journal of Home-Made Power"


Honda CX NGV
Specs, features, photos


Honda EV Plus
"New Technology Features: Advanced nickel-metal hydride batteries; estimated range using 80% of battery charge: EPA City: 100 miles; highway: 84 miles; high-efficiency, permanent-magnet motor; single-speed, direct-drive transmission; regenerative braking (recharges battery during braking and coasting); compact on-board charger - 110- or 220-volt; heat-pump-type heating and air conditioning; multi-function remote: battery status inquiry; pre-heat/pre-cool; electric rack-and-pinion steering; energy-efficient, high-intensity headlights, and more"


Hybrid III
At the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland


Hybrid Electric Vehicle at Michigan Tech University
"This site is to document the progress of the coversion of a Dodge Intrepid into a Hybrid Electric Vehicle for the June 1996 FutureCar Challenge (FCC)."


Hybrid Electric Vehicle at the US Naval Academy
"...AMPhibian III is designed to be an economically feasible HEV, for use in near term applications...The design of the vehicle, including the modifications required to allow multi-fuel operation is described."


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project at the University of Alberta
"The Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Project was one of the largest and most successful student endeavors undertaken at the University of Alberta. More than 200 students from the Faculties of Engineering, Arts, and Business participated during three and a half years of Project activity."


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project at UC Irvine
"Students participating in the HEV Challenge apply their engineering knowledge and practical skills to develop cutting-edge automotive technology, and in the process they gain a heightened appreciation for real-world engineering, problem-solving, and teamwork."


Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Research and Development at INEL
Energy storage and conversion, modeling and simulation, dynamic vehicle testing, field operations program, and references to recent publications


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Society
At the University of Florida


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team at Cornell
"The CUHEV team consists of 50 undergraduate students and two faculty advisors. The students represent three class levels and represent the disciplines mechanical, electrical, chemical, computer science and operations research engineering. The vehicles are engineered and constructed by student hands and the group receives academic credit for the contributions to the cars."


Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team at Virginia Tech
The FutureCar Challenge Student Project is an undertaking of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) of Virginia Tech


Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Program at NREL
Department of Energy Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Program On-line Resource Center sponsored by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Letter
Online copy of the lead article and headlines of a monthly newsletter


INEL Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Research and Development
Energy storage and conversion, modeling and simulation, dynamic vehicle testing, field operations program, and references to recent publications


Innovative Transportation Technologies
At the University of Washington. "Major attention is given to technologies that are suitable for meeting mobility needs within major metropolitan areas (i.e.intraurban travel)."


International Institute for Sustainable Development
"IISD tracks information about sustainable development research, planning, and action around the world."


An Introduction to Electric Vehicles
"A Physics 105 project by Adrienne Haskell, David Dwiggins, Cyna Bosworth, and Chris Diliberto" at Syracuse University


The Journal of the Electrochemical Society
The Society's interactive ECS search engine can be used to perform key word searches on any of the Journal's manuscript titles, texts, or authors


Journal of Materials Science
Published by Chapman & Hall. Non-subscribers may search tables of contents and article abstracts


Journal of Power Sources
Special issues from Elsevier Science


Scott Kennedy's pictures of...
an old Nissan EV station wagon, a Toyota RAV4 EV, a Honda EV, a B.A.T. Geo Prism, 2 A.C. Propulsion Honda Civic Hatchbacks, 2 Chrysler EPIC minivans, a Ford Ranger Conversion, a US Electricar Pickup Conversion, a San Diego Electric Auto Hybrid VW Rabbit Convertible, an unknown NY EV, a Solectria Geo Prism, EV Warriors, Z.A.P. bicycles, and some Zebra's (Tropica) in the background.


LN2000: The University of Washington Liquid Nitrogen Propelled Automobile
"The University of Washington is developing a new zero-emission automobile propulsion concept that uses liquid nitrogen as the fuel. The principle of operation is like that of a steam engine, except there is no fire or steam. Instead, liquid nitrogen at -320 F (77 K) is pressurized and then vaporized in a heat exchanger by the ambient temperature of the surrounding air."


Los Angeles Department of Water and Power EV Page
"Electric Vehicles will put Los Angeles on the road to cleaner air."


Light Electric-powered Vehicle Project
Swiss site sponsored by BSI-Banca della Svizzera Italiana


"The Mid Atlantic Regional Consortium for Advanced Vehicles is one of seven consortia sponsored by the Department of Defense through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The MARCAV consortium, directed by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, was established to organize industrial efforts for application of enhanced electric drives to military, industrial, and commercial vehicles. MARCAV focuses its Hybrid/Electric Vehicle (H/EV) technology on both defense and commercial applications."


Materials Research Society
"The Materials Research Society is a non-profit organization which brings together scientists, engineers and research managers from industry, government, academia and research laboratories to share findings in the research and development of new materials of technological importance."


Centre for Materials Research
At the University of Oslo


Department of Materials Science and Engineering
At MIT (Cambridge)


Department of Materials Science and Engineering
At KTH (Stockholm)


Department of Materials Science and Mechanics
At MSU (East Lansing)


Matt's Solar Car Pages
University teams, Sunrayce, the World Solar Challenge


Conversions using "high-performance, affordable, off-the-shelf parts"


The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society
"...activities of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society are varied, ranging from the publication of technical articles and the sponsorship of international conferences to the administration of university accreditation programs and the facilitation of career development..."


University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project
"The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project strives to let students participate in a challenging educational, and environmental project while developing positive experiences in their profession that foster creating new opportunities in leadership and teamwork, maximizing student learning, educating the public, and having fun."


Morgantown Energy Technology Center
"The DOE Office of Fossil Energy's Morgantown Energy Technology Center is developing fuel cells for stationary power generating applications in partnership with the private sector. DOE/METC is the largest single funder of fuel cell research and development in the United States."


National Hydrogen Association
"The mission of the National Hydrogen Association is to foster the development of hydrogen technologies and their utilization in industrial and commercial applications and promote the transition role of hydrogen in the energy field."


National Renewable Energy Laboratory
"NREL is the nation's leading laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency research. We develop renewable energy technologies to heat and cool buildings; increase efficiency in industry; light homes and offices; power cars and trucks; produce plastics, clothing, and chemicals; clean our water; and destroy toxic wastes."


National Station Car Association's Info Pages
The station car concept, San Francisco Bay Area, South Florida, and Atlanta Station Car Demonstrations. "The National Station Car Association is a technical non-profit corporation with the purpose of guiding the development, testing, and commercialization of the electric station car concept."


NREL's Biofuels Information Center
"The center maintains technical information on biofuels conversion research conducted under U.S. DOE supervision from 1980 to the present."


NREL's HEV Simulation
"ADVISOR is a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) simulation tool that may be used to make technology comparisons and HEV performance estimates. The user can alter the simulation results by selecting vehicle component types, sizes, and parameters."


International weekly journal of science


Netherlands Energy Research Foundation - EII database
"The Energy Information on Internet (EII) database comprises 259 energy-related information sources that can be accessed through Internet."


New York Times
Online version available via as yet free subscription


"Tthe most comprehensive site of Natural Gas Vehicle information on the world wide web. Here you'll find all the information you need regarding the most economical, high-performance alternative fuel vehicles currently available."


Nissan's FEV-II
Japanese language site includes QuickTime movie


Northeast Alternative Vehicle Consortium
The Northeast Alternative Vehicle Consortium is "a non-profit association of private and public sector companies and agencies, working together to promote the advance of alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) technologies in the Northeast U.S."


Northeast Sustainable Energy Association
"NESEA is a non-profit membership organization. It was founded in 1974 to foster the use of renewable and sustainable energy, the responsible use of non-renewable forms of energy, and to convey the value of these practices for the preservation of the environment."


NREL Publications
"NREL Publications is a bibliographic database containing references to documents written or edited by staff and subcontractors of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Subjects covered include all renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Included in the database are NREL technical reports, fact sheets, brochures, videos, journal articles, conference papers, books, and patents. The database covers documents published from 1992 to present."


Office of Technology Assessment Archive
"The (now defunct) Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) was established by Congress in 1972 to provide congressional committees with analyses of emerging, difficult, and often highly technical issues. Services included major assessment reports, background papers, briefings, and testimony. OTA explored complex issues involving science and technology, helped Congress identify policy options, and provided foresight about new developments that could have important implications for future federal policy. OTA did not advocate particular policies or actions, but pointed out their pros and cons, sorted out the facts,and provided options."



OMNI Instruments Home Page
EROS Bicycle Electrification Kit, ELECTRILITE Electric Commuter Vehicle, ElectraScoot Electric Scooter Vehicle, Electric Vehicle Drive Motors in Development, Electric Vehicle Engineering Components


Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles
"The Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) is an historic public/private partnership between the U.S. federal government (7 agencies and 20 federal laboratories) and Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors that aims to strengthen America's competitiveness by developing technologies for a new generation of vehicles."


Personal Electric Vehicle Page
Power-assisted products of various stripes including bikes, scooters, and skate boards


Peugot 106 Electric
Online brochure


Peugeot Tomorrow
"...researchers, creators and strategists working for Peugeot expose their point of view and let you share their most promising research ideas."


Phoenix Chapter of the EAA
Membership information, meeting dates, and lots of EV Web links. In particular, see:
Electric Vehicle Photo Album
Nuts and Volts EV Business Directory
Electric Vehicle WebDirectory


"The Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) is an historic public/private partnership between the U.S. federal government (7 agencies and 20 federal laboratories) and Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors that aims to strengthen America's competitiveness by developing technologies for a new generation of vehicles."


Praxitèle Station Car Program
"Praxitele is a novel public transportation system based on self-service small electric cars located on specific areas." (France)


PSA Peugeot CitroÎn
Includes research and technology links; available in English and French.


VIIIth International Conference on Solid State Protonic Conductors
Topics: theory and modelling, experimental techniques, inorganic low temperature proton conductors, high temperature proton conductors, polymers, organic and biological systems, minerals and geological systems, new materials and preparation routes, applications.


Purdue School of Engineering and Technology
Engineering and Technology Departments at IUPUI


Real Goods
"The World's Most Complete Source for Knowledge, Products, and Tools for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living"


Renaissance Cars Inc.
Tropica product lineup, articles and press releases, and photo gallery


Renewable Energy Businesses in the World
Browse directories by location, business type, or name.


Robert Q. Riley Enterprises
Topics include: Plans for Cars, Vans, Personal Watercraft, Hovercraft, and Others; Three-Wheelers in Automotive Application; Transportation's Impact on Energy and the Environment; Robert Q. Riley's book: "Alternative Cars in the 21st Century: A New Personal Transportation Paradigm"


Riscio', an Italian electric vehicle
PASQUALI MACCHINE AGRICOLE SRL produces a little electric three-wheeler named RISCIO' (pronunced "reeshaw") to transport "one or two people, very interesting for italian reality and for the mobility in the city centers all around the world. At present it is used also by "Poste Italiane" (Italian Mail Service)."


Rocky Mountain Institute - Hypercars
"Reinventing the Wheels" by Amory Lovins and Hunter Lovins, Hypercars answers to Frequently Asked Questions, A comparison between the Typical 1995 U.S. Family Car and the Synergy Ultralight Hybrid Vehicle, "Hypercars: The Coming Light-Vehicle Revolution"


Rosen Motors
"Rosen Motors, a privately funded high technology company founded by brothers Harold Rosen and Benjamin Rosen, is developing a hybrid electric powertrain for passenger car usage. The powertrain uses a flywheel-turbine combination that will provide three of the most desired characteristics of a 21st century automobile in one innovative design: sports car acceleration, very-high gasoline mileage, nearly zero emissions."


RUF Dual-Mode Concept
"RUF (which means "go fast" in Danish) is a concept that represents an integration of personal auto convenience and rail transit efficiency. It utilizes small- and medium-sized electric intelligent vehicles that can be operated on the conventional roadway system as well as on an automated rail system."


Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association
"Our monthly meetings provide a place where our membership can hear from people directly involved with the EV industry, whether they are engineers, scientists, inventors, or business owners. We also provide community outreach services where we provide information to the community at large, about electric vehicles, so that they can get the real information about what electric vehicles are, how they work, and how they can drive electric today."


Science Magazine On-Line
Science Magazine is published weekly by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.


SIMPLEV 3.1 Electric Vehicle Simulation
" SIMPLEV is a comprehensive data-driven computer model which is run on any IBM compatible PC. Dynamometer and battery test data are routinely compared with the simulation model to validate the simulation and to better understand laboratory test results. This computer program is widely used by researchers in academia and industry and is regarded as a valuable engineering and analytical tool."


Society of Automotive Engineers
SAE's directory of electric vehicle publications


Solar Car Team
At Iowa State University


Solar Electric Vehicle Team at MIT
"The MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team is a student organization devoted to designing, building, racing, and educating students about solar and electric cars."


Solar Vehicle Team at Queen's University
"The team structure has evolved to enable students working on technical, administrative, and business aspects of the project to complement and support each other."


Solectria Corporation
"Since 1991, more than 350 Solectria cars and pickup trucks have been delivered to customers in 38 states and eleven foreign countries. Our EVs have accumulated over two million miles of on-road experience -- more miles than any other domestic EV manufacturer!"


Solstice - CREST Internet Information Service
"Solstice is the Internet information service of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), and is your site for Sustainable Energy and Development Information."


South Coast Air Quality Management District
"The South Coast AQMD is the smog control agency for all or portions of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California, where 14 million people breathe some of the dirtiest air in the U.S.A."


Southern California Edison
Includes links to Electric Transportation and Alternate and Renewable Energy Resources


Southern Coalition for Advanced Transportation
"As a non-profit consortium of more than 65 businesses, universities, and government entities developing advanced transportation technologies, SCAT provides mechanisms to pool resources for advanced transportation research & development, public education and direct market stimulation. Our goal is to make available non-polluting, energy efficient, affordable transportation that moves both people and commerce."


Sparrow P.T.M.
"The Personal Transit Module (P.T.M.) is a single passenger vehicle designed expressly for commuters and inner-city driving. Powered by thirteen 12 volt batteries, the Sparrow provides an effective range of 40 to 60 miles and a top speed of 60 mph."


Stanford Hybrid Automobile Research Project
"SHARP is creating "The Winds of Freedom," an immediately viable alternative to today's high emission, fuel hungry vehicles by making a car which runs solely on battery power for up to sixty miles a day, but has unlimited range with finite but significantly reduced emissions when longer trips are desired."


"A high performance, 1480 kg family car on 2.96 litres/100 km (EU) ... 40.7 km/liter (Japan) ... 89 mpg (US)"


SunDragon Solar Car Team at Drexel University
"The Drexel SunDragon solar car team is a multi-disciplinary activity open to all students at Drexel."


Sunrayce '97
"Sunrayce 97 is the fourth major US. intercollegiate solar car race. The event, will pit solar-electric vehicles built by students at 40 universities in North America against each other in a grueling 1,000 miles race to be held tentatively June 21-30, 1997. It will start in Indianapolis, Indiana and finish in Colorado Springs, Colorado."


TASC Automotive Home Page
GreenCar Update (Spring 1996): Online Magazine for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, NREL Hybrid Electric Vehicle Program: Visual Management System, GM Hybrid Vehicles: Subcontractor Reporting System, Demonstration System: TASC Automotive Visual Management System


Technology Review
Edited and published at MIT


Tonyc's "It's Electric" Homepage
EV commentary and a '73 Porche 914 conversion


Toyota's Alternative Fuel Vehicles
R&D; underway at Toyota Motor Corp.


Toyota Prius
"Toyota Energy Management System (EMS), Toyota D-4 Engine, Induction Motor/Generator, Capacitor, belt-driven Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), cleaner exhaust system, amazing new fuel economy technology"


Transportation at NREL
Includes alternative fuel vehicles and hybrid electrics


Transportation Resources at Princeton University
Sections include: Highway, Transit, and Rail System Information; Airports and Airlines; Colleges and Universities; Private Companies; Transportation-related Organizations; Miscellaneous Resources; Other Transportation Resource Directories; Conferences, Seminars, and Calls; Netaddress Book of Transportation Professionals


Ultralight Rail for Santa Cruz
"Solar-electric rail is a smokeless, noiseless rail transit system based on recent advances in solar racing car technology....We are building a core development group to create, design and build the world's first prototype."


Unique Mobility, Inc.
"Unique Mobility, Inc. is a leader in the development of high efficiency brushless permanent magnet motors, amplifiers and controllers. The company's products, which it markets under the UQMÆ trademark, include electric motors with power ratings from 3 kW to 80 kW and associated electronic controls with operating voltages from 24 VDC to 400 VDC."


University of Washington Liquid Nitrogen Propelled Automobile
"The University of Washington is developing a new zero-emission automobile propulsion concept that uses liquid nitrogen as the fuel. The principle of operation is like that of a steam engine, except there is no fire or steam. Instead, liquid nitrogen at -320 F (77 K) is pressurized and then vaporized in a heat exchanger by the ambient temperature of the surrounding air."


Visualizations in Materials Science
"This teaching and study supplement provides an interactive environment where the student can access a variety of computer graphics, simulations, video clips, problem solutions..."


WEEA Internet Energy and Environment Sampler
"The Internet Energy and Environment Sampler identifies sources of information related to energy and the environment that can be accessed electronically. Version 2.0 was prepared by the World Energy Efficiency Association under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Office of Energy, Environment and Technology."


Westinghouse Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
"Westinghouse Electric Corporation, in one of the Department of Energy's highest priority fossil energy research programs, is developing the ceramic-based "solid oxide" fuel cell - potentially one of the cleanest, most efficient, and versatile technologies on the power generating horizon."


West Virginia University Formula Lightning Electric Race Car
"The Formula Lightning is a high performance electric race vehicle, designed and marketed by the Solar and Electric Racing Association (SERA) as a platform for designing, testing, and raising public awareness of electric vehicles."


Wilde EVolutions, Inc.
"Wilde EVolutions: Builds electric vehicles which are fun to drive, converts gas vehicles to clean electric power, offers EV components so you can build your own EV"


World Solar Challenge 1996
Photos, courtesy of EION


ZAP Power Systems
"A leading manufacturer of electric motor powered bicycles, and power assist kits."


Zebra Motors, Inc.
"Zebra Motors, Inc. (ZEBRA) was recently founded to further refine, develop, and put into production the "Zebra" electric sports car. ZEBRA has purchased the proprietary rights, know how, and working prototypes of the electric vehicle formerly known as the "Tropica" from Renaissance Cars, Inc. (RCI)."


Zutter Electric Vehicles Inc.
"ZEV is a new manufacturer of electric vehicles. The company intends to establish assembly facilities in 1997 with the production of vehicles in 1998."