Investment Opportunities The World has Been Falling Deeper into this "Gas Addiction" and Now People have Seen how High Gas Prices Can Destroy Economies Worldwide. The Complete Phase Out of Gas Burning Engines will be Our Only Salvation.

EVImporters.com EVWholesalers.com and ElectricConversions.com will be in the Center of this Massive Conversion to Affordable Non-Poluting Electric Vehicles. Today, there are Hundreds of Companies Designing, Building and Testing New Electric Cars Worldwide. Battery Technologies are Improving and Becoming More Affordable...

There are Basically Two Electric Cars the Public Wants A: Hiway Speed EV's which are Available Now and B: Low Speed "Around Town" Cars that Fulfill Short Distance Driving Needs. After 14 Years of 'Educating the Public", Convincing Manufacturers to Abandon Short term thinking and Working with Designers Worldwide We Finally Have the Cars the Public Wants FOR SALE NOW!

OPEC WANTS IN : In 2010 ElectricCars.com received a buyout offer from an Opec entitiy somewhere around $10,000,000. Although this website had not been for sale we do judge the world's interest in EV's by these buyout offers and they are getting tempting. Click here for Buyout Information

Private and Corporate Investors We're Looking for Investment Capital to Help Us Build Our Distribution Network, Stock Our Inventories, Build Dealerships and Bring the World's Best Electric Vehicles to Market... Opportunities Range from Large Corporate Structured Partial Ownerships of Dealerships and Centers to Smaller Private Loans. Click Here For More Information