Hundreds of Companies Worldwide are Designing, Building and Selling
New Electric Cars - The Race is On to Deliver EV's with Longer Range

HEADLINE NEWS: has Been Granted the US Trademark "Electric Cars". We Now have Exclusive Legal Rights and Protection from Other Companies Infringing Upon Our Brand Name.

OPEC WANTS IN : In 2010 received a buyout offer from an Opec entitiy somewhere around $10,000,000. Although this website has never been for sale we do judge the world's interest in EV's by these buyouts. Tempting? You bet, but we're hanging in there... Click here for Buyout Information is working with auto parts manufacturers worldwide to design cars that are affordable, safe and available for purchase.We've developed direct marketing relationships with several top auto manufacturers in the USA and worldwide who are developing electric vehicles. We have Developed Marketing and Logistics for Our Conversion shops. In 10 Years we Plan to Have these Conversion "Assembly Lines" in Major Auto Plants around the World. It will All Start with the First Facility and Hopefully Become the "Jiffy Lube" Service for People Sick of Gas Prices Everywhere. will be the Home Base of this Massive Conversion to Affordable Non-Poluting Electric Vehicles. We've Recently Launched Our Online Showroom that has Already Generated Thousands of Inquiries from People Who Want to Buy Electric Cars ASAP!. But, We're a Small Company and Don't Have the Capital to Aquire Vehicles in Bulk. We Need Captal and Motivted, Dedicated People to Join Us.

We Need Investors to Help Us Do this Now. Interested in Details?.Click Here For More Information